The 负责人 is responsible for supervising the field construction of a project and to complete the work on schedule, 在预算范围内并符合所有指定的安全和质量标准. Depending on the project size and challenges the 负责人 may be accountable for one or more simultaneous projects. The 负责人’s role is one of leader, coach, negotiator and arbitrator. The leadership displayed by this individual is critical to the Project’s performance.


  1. Provide leadership and to establish and maintain effective and harmonious working relationships of the on-site staff and to promote a positive project morale.
  2. Have a thorough and complete knowledge and understanding of the owner contract, 分包, 合同图纸, 规范和附录, and to assist the Project Manager in the development of the on-site procedures.
  3. 审核合同图纸, 设计缺陷的规范和补充, 不切实际的细节和可能违反的代码, 并让项目经理注意到这些.
  4. Communicate issues, events, performance and progress daily to the Project Manager.
  5. Report any problems promptly to the Project Manager or Project Executive to facilitate the most cost-effective solutions.
  6. Establish effective working relationships with clients and Thornton team members.
  7. Request advice and assistance from the Project Manager or Project Executive on matters pertaining to materials, 测序, 调度和人员.


  1. 与项目小组一起确定动员前的活动.
  2. Develop start-up schedule with Project Manager and send it to the Project Executive for review.


  1. 协助制定和实施现场施工进度计划.
  2. Assist the Project Manager in establishing the Project Baseline Schedule based on the owner contract and subcontractor input, 考虑任何可能影响日程安排的元素.
  3. Maintain the schedule and ensure that work performed is consistent with the contract and will meet or exceed client expectations.
  4. 每月更新项目进度.
  5. Provide progress report with the three-week look ahead of schedule to the Project Manager and the field staff.


  1. Ensure that all subcontractors participate in a safety pre-construction meeting prior to starting work on the project.
  2. Ensure that all subcontractors have a full set of MSD sheets on the project and current insurance certificates.
  3. Review the project daily to ensure that all activities are being performed in accordance with all OSHA and governing requirements and the project’s site-specific safety plan and make all necessary corrections.
  4. 参加桑顿的每月安全会议.
  5. 向项目经理提供每周安全检查表.
  6. 安排并进行每周工具箱讲座.
  7. 每周向项目经理报告分包商的安全违规情况.
  8. Implement Thornton’s Hurricane Preparedness Plan in case of an impending storm.


  1. Identify project quality standards as stated in the contract documents for all trades.
  2. Establish methods of monitoring and measuring quality standards during the course of construction (i.e.工作前会议、模型制作、提交、施工图、样品等.).
  3. Ensure that all materials and equipment delivered to the project is in compliance with approved submittals and shop drawings.
  4. Ensure that all items scheduled for inspections are pre-inspected for compliance and inspection reports are submitted to the Project Team.


  1. 现场施工前管理,包括施工前调查, 工地现场的利用率, 和分期计划.
  2. 调动现场办公室,维护工作现场以达到桑顿标准.
  3. 整理工作现场的文件,便于查阅和审查.
  4. 管理分包商的表现,以满足进度和质量期望.
  5. Work with Project Manager to identify and resolve personnel issues and construction process revisions.
  6. 管理施工过程的所有阶段, 包括记录和报告现场活动和进度.


  1. 参加项目周转、动员和项目协调会议.
  2. 参加施工前的安全会议.
  3. 进行每周安全检查.
  4. 参加收尾会议.
  5. 参加业主会议.
  6. Conduct weekly subcontractor meetings and any others necessary to monitor and manage the project.


  1. 监控成本,包括人工时间和材料.
  2. 完成并执行特定场所的法规要求, 如站点标牌, 检查清单, 紧急联系人列表, 等.
  3. Complete daily reports and maintain logs of key activities, files and shop drawings.
  4. Review delivery receipts to ensure shipments are complete and submit to Accounting on a timely basis.
  5. Submit timesheets for all Thornton personnel who worked on the jobsite to the Project Manager by 3 pm every Friday.
  6. Ensure that as-built working drawings are maintained as well as the current drawings and revisions, 将这些信息传达给分包商.


  1. Manage subcontractor closeout, transfer of utilities, owner training, and punch list.
  2. Ensure that all final inspections are completed and all trade permits are closed and finalized.


  1. 4 - 6年相关建筑领域的工作经验.
  2. 至少OSHA-30认证.
  3. 能够阅读和解释安全规则等文件, 操作和维护说明, 和程序手册.
  4. 能写日常报告和信函.
  5. Ability to speak effectively before groups of customers or employees of organization.


  1. 候选人必须具备桑顿的核心价值观:结果驱动, 积极主动的, 安全意识, 人们关注的, 以客户为导向, 和团队导向的.
  2. 符合生产标准, 按时完成工作, 快速工作,努力提高生产力.
  3. 优秀的团队发展能力和领导能力.
  4. 协调计划和发现问题的能力.
  5. Familiarity with requirements of drawings and specifications and with terms and conditions of Project Contracts, 分包合同和采购订单.
  6. 作为团队的一部分有效地工作.
  7. 追求卓越.
  8. 有能力在任何时候保持谨慎和保密.
  9. 适当委派工作.
  10. 能够处理频繁的变化、延迟或意外事件
  11. 较强的决策能力和解决问题的能力.
  12. 优秀的时间管理和组织能力.
  13. 自我激励和自信.
  14. 必须具备有效的沟通技巧.
  15. Able to constantly multi-task and handle competing priorities between Thornton’s business needs and organizational issues while maintaining excellent customer relations.
  16. Must possess business judgment to negotiate the critical balance between budget and construction processes.
  17. Excellent organizational skills to manage the many details necessary for successful construction.
  18. Must have judgment to know when to appropriately escalate issues up the chain of command.
  19. Excellent management skills to effectively manage subcontractor performance to ensure high quality.
  20. 强烈的紧迫感和主动性, 以及快速学习和应对复杂问题的能力, 并以坚定而公平的方式有效地解决冲突.
  21. Endurance and ability to visit entire job site, including stairs or other elevated structures.
  22. Excellent problem-solving skills and the ability to take action confidently and decisively.